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The Transition Support Team is your dedicated, on call support for any YGM questions or problems.


Q: What is YGM and TPR?
YGM stands for 'Your General Manager' and is a platform powered by IBM's Lotus Notes.
TPR is a Task and Project Request. It is a workflow tool used across the business by most departments. 


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Q: Why use it?
TPR encourages collaboration and clear communication across stakeholders and departments. It also allows for transparency over what stage a project or task is at. 



'I'm in YGM but I can't find the TPR portal, help!'


Telephone: 1800 010 242

'I can't open YGM, I keep getting an error!'


TPR: Transition Support > Support Request > YGM

'I think I'm encountering a problem but I can't be sure...'